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3M Foundation

Follow the link below to learn about 3M’s Community Giving, apply for grants, product donations or verify matching gifts.

Campbell's Soup Foundation Grants

Since 1953, the Campbell Soup Foundation has provided financial support to local champions that inspire positive change in communities throughout the United States where Campbell Soup Company employees live and work.

MyESPN Highlights Posters: An Easy Fundraising Idea

Organizations want to add value to the athlete's experience without adding expenses. Leagues can earn fundraising revenue from the myESPN Highlights program to supplement income from registration fees and sponsors.

ProSportsLook: A Fun New Fundraising Program

More and more, parents and booster clubs are being asked to raise funds to fill the budget gap school sports programs, in particular, are facing in these tough economic times. Pay to play has become the order of the day. But how many more car washes, bake sales, and 50/50 raffles can parents run? Aren't there any some new ways to raise money for a struggling sports program? How about a fundraising program that not only helps raise money but gives kids a big boost of self-confidence? Something they would love to post on their wall? Enter a new Internet-based company called ProSportsLook.

Fundraising in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Caitlin Cahow, US Women's National Team member, discusses organizing fundraisers to give back.

Breast Cancer Fundraising

Caitlin Cahow, US Women's National Team member, discusses how youth sports teams can organize fundraisers to fight breast cancer.

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