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MyESPN Highlights Posters: An Easy Fundraising Idea

myESPN HighlightsTM has been working to boost the status of all youth sports leagues and players over the past few seasons.

A great way to build self esteem of a young athlete is with the free myESPN Highlights Poster. Having the ability to upload a kid's photo onto the cover of ESPN Magazine is just plain cool!

Each of the myESPN Highlights Posters can be shared on Facebook and other key social networking sites. League administrators have seen the benefits of the ESPN brand as it adds credibility that sets the team and the association apart.

ESPN SportsCenter and myESPN Highlights provides the ultimate co-Branding opportunity for a youth program.

myESPN Highlights products put the "fun factor" into Team/League photo experience with personal movies, photo books and posters. Leagues have used the myESPN Highlights products in numerous ways such as coaches/ player end of season gifts and league promotion for registrations.

Organizations want to add value to the athlete's experience without adding expenses. Leagues can earn revenue from the program to supplement income from registration fees and sponsors.  The program is 100% hassle free for the league board as the entire process and program is self-managed. All the leauge needs to do is promote the free myESPN Highlights poster program at registration, on their website with links to the program site, e-mailers, and at coaches and parent meetings. The league will earn a percentage of any upgrade sales of products.

For how the Youth Football Coaches Association used the myESPN Highlights products to reap huge benefits for all of its youth leagues, click here.

See how it easy it is by creating your free myESPN poster today!