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Raising money spiral for youth football league.... What can I do?????

Anyone's expertise is greatly appreciated,

I started a youth tackle football league last year with 141 registered players ages 9 - 14 which this year we have 252 players. Our league is unique because we dont have weight classes but seperate by age groups: Freshman 9 - 10; JV 11 - 12; Varsity 13 - 14 years old. We feel that every child has the right to play and asking them to gain or loose weight is not about football (There are no cuts from our league). Every player is guaranteed a starting position either on offense or defense for the entire game. We are an intramural league and no traveling is involved. We practice and play our games at two of our local high schools because we other leagues were already established on county fields. Last year we had 30 players try out for the local high school teams and made the team, plus 3 of our coaches were asked by the local high school to start a Freshman/JV team.

It has been overwhelming and working on increasing my board and disbursing some job assignments. We are about to kick off our season this Saturday, so our situation is that we need additional funds for the season and beyond (Equipment storage, reconditioning of equipment, etc...). I guess my question is the fundraising we are doing is shirt and shorts sales, car stickers, and football player autographs...

Do you know of grants or companies that I can request that you have been successful? Large companies will not donate because our audience at the event is under 1000 and small companies don't have the financial revenue because there are 15 other leagues in our area.

Greatly appreciate any feedback

Glenn Remler
Vice President of Tackle Football