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Fundraising turns into subsidized vacation for parents

My niece plays on a travel softball team (12U). The 14Us qualified for regionals in another state and really came together for fundraising efforts to help with their costs. There are 10 girls on the team - most are in high school or going into high school. 15 parents and 5 siblings went along (coaches included). They rented 2 townhouses -as it would be cheaper, yet I heard from another parent, no one called hotels to negotiate rent. Each family got a room and bathroom in the deal, but the girls will prefer to sleep in the living room slumber party style.

I ran into a team player and her mother at a local store. They lost on day 2 of double elimination, but stayed on (2 days) because the week at the townhouse was paid for. They went tubing, rented boats, swam and watched movies and had some great parties. WHAT!!!

I donated! I feel like a jerk! I'm not taking a family vacation this summer, but for some reason they think it's okay for the community to subsidize their vacation. My sister is at a lost. These are her friends, but she thinks it's unethical.

I talked to the league board and they were like what is done is done. I contacted the state ASA commissioner who says they don't govern fundraising techniques. Do I contact a local paper and make a big stink? I don't want this to hinder my niece's ability to play on an ASA team next year.

What to do???