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Signs That Shoes Are Worn Out and Need Replacement

For signs that a child's shoes are worn out and need to be replaced (as opposed to being too small for your child's growing feet), parents should check the bottom sole, mid-sole and sock liner.

ACL Injury Epidemic, Early Specialization, Year-Round Play May Be Linked

The alarming increase in the number of younger children and adolescents suffering ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries playing sports, particularly among girls, may be the by-product of the trend towards early specialization and year-round play in a single sport.

Most Kids' Shoes Don't Fit, Putting Them At Risk of Foot Deformities, Study Says

A majority of young children wear shoes that are the wrong size, putting them at risk for developing serious foot deformities such as bunions, say Swiss researchers.

PEP Exercise Program Reduces ACL Injuries in Female Soccer Players

Female athletes who perform a specific exercise program called the Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) program before practices and games suffer far fewer ACL injuries than those who don't.

High School and Pop Warner Football: Preventing Concussion, Serious Injury Or Death

Preventing serious injury (concussion, traumatic brain injury, spinal paralysis) or death in high school and Pop Warner football; advice from the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Researc on football safety

First Aid for Lightning Victims

In the event lightning strikes a player, fan, or official at a sports contest, giving immediate first-aid is essential.

Lightning Safety Rules: How to Avoid Becoming A Lightning Statistic

Each year, about 400 children and adults in the U.S. are struck by lightning while working outside, at sports events, on the beach, mountain climbing, mowing the lawn or during other outdoor activities; several hundred more are left to cope with permanent disabilities. Here are some lightning safety rules to follow to avoid becoming a lightning statistic

An Interview with Michael and Dr. Doreen Greenberg

The Anything You Can Do... series is the first book series to offer real stories of new heroes to young girls. The premise of the series is to profile a variety of young female athletes, from a variety of ethnic, socio-economic, geographical and family backgrounds who have grown up to achieve excellence in Olympic and professional sports.

Artificial Turf: Debate Continues Over Safety

Artificial turf fields are growing in popularity. At the same time, a debate is heating up about possible health risks, with more state and local governments getting involved.

Turf Wars: Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

As more and more communities build artificial turf fields, the debate about possible health risks and the advantages and disadvantages continues.