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Holding Court: The Tennis Court That Is!

Since my last blog, where I shared my disappointment in not being invited to the summer evaluation officiating program, I made a commitment to refocus my energy on other things. After all, life is more than just basketball, right?  (There, I said it!)

I decided to re-engage with tennis, a sport that I loved as a youth, but have not played in decades. In doing so, I discovered  that not only do I still LOVE the sport, but I have an opportunity to expand my momsTEAM perspective beyond officiating and sport parenthood.   With tennis, the officiating hat is off, and replaced with that of a  player on a doubles team, as well as a player being coached.  

Here are some of the insights I have gained so far:

After the disappointment of not being invited to the summer evaluation program, a high school basketball official refocuses her energy on tennis, a sport that she loved as a youth, but had not played in decades, and gains a new insight into youth sports on a different court.

Number of Youth Tennis Players Up: USTA's Quick Start, No-Cut Programs Credited

Which youth sport, golf or tennis, is gaining in popularity in recent years, and which is losing? You might be surprised to learn, given their overall public profiles, it is the number of youth tennis players that is up, with participation jumping 43% since 2000 , with the USTA's innovative QuickStart and No-Cut programs credited for the increase.

Tennis Star Lindsay Davenport Returns For Third Olympics 14 Months After Becoming First-Time Mom

In many sports, the Olympics have progressively been undergoing a quiet revolution, one in which women, most specifically ones that are mothers, are still competing at the highest level in their sports well into their thirties. Lindsay Davenport, 32, former Olympic champion and once ranked Number 1 in the world, is a prime example.

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