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Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Play Golf

Looking for a game your child can play their entire life? Consider golf, which, through The First Tee program has introduced the game of golf and its values of integrity, respect and perseverance to over 7.6 million young people.

Number of Youth Tennis Players Up: USTA's Quick Start, No-Cut Programs Credited

Which youth sport, golf or tennis, is gaining in popularity in recent years, and which is losing? You might be surprised to learn, given their overall public profiles, it is the number of youth tennis players that is up, with participation jumping 43% since 2000 , with the USTA's innovative QuickStart and No-Cut programs credited for the increase.

Youth Golf Parenting Tips

Parents face the danger of being caught in the intensity web even in individual sports such as golf and tennis. The problem is not so much being on the sidelines during competition but the way they interact with their child leading up to the beginning of a big tournament.

Golf Injuries

Many people consider golf a low-level physical activity without the possibility of injury ever happening to them. But, there is a potential risk of suffering serious injuries to the elbow, spine, knee, hip or wrist.

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