Role Modeling: Kids Whose Parents Wear Helmets Skiing and Snowboarding Will Do The Same

Despite increased helmet use, the number of snow-sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) keeps rising, prompting calls by experts to implement a variety of targeted prevention strategies, with a special focus on educating parents about the protective value of helmets and the role modeling effect the parent's use has on their child's decision to wear a helmet.

Consider Renting Ski Equipment To Beat the Airline Baggage Fees

With travelers facing increased baggage fees from the airline industry, many families will be considering the option of renting ski for their upcoming vacation. Here are some suggestions regarding ski rentals and how rentals can help families beat the airline baggage fees.

Buying Ski Equipment

When renting or purchasing ski equipment for your child, beware of what you are getting. Here are some things for parents to consider.

Buying Ski Boots

Ski boots provide insulation, ankle and leg support, and transfer of energy from the skier to the skis. It is important that ski boots fit well and are warm, otherwise skiing will become much less fun, and possibly more dangerous.

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