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Buying Ski Boots

By JulieD
Ski boots provide insulation, ankle and leg support, and transfer of energy from the skier to the skis.  It is important that ski boots fit well and are warm, otherwise skiing will become much less fun, and possibly more dangerous.  When buying ski boots, seek expert advice. Boot fitting is an engaging and sometimes time consuming practice.  Please remember:

  • Because your child's feet will swell and get bigger over the course of the day, have him try on ski boots on at the end of the day for a more accurate fit.

  • When trying on boots, have your child wear the same socks he will be wearing when skiing, as once again this will provide a better fit. 

  • Stiffer boots are best for experienced skiers.

  • Not to get impatient if the fitting process takes a long time.  Good boot fitters work with your child's unique anatomy and injury history to find a precise fit.  You and your child won’t regret the time you have spent when she hits the slopes in perfectly fitted ski boots.
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