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Consider Renting Ski Equipment To Beat the Airline Baggage Fees

With travelers facing increased baggage fees from the airline industry, many families will be considering the option of renting ski for their upcoming vacation. As the largest ski and snowboard specialty retailer in the Rocky Mountains, Christy Sports offers the following suggestions regarding ski rentals and how rentals can help families beat the airline baggage fees:
  • Reserve equipment in advance. Before you leave on your vacation reserve your equipment from a local shop at least two weeks in advance. This will save you money as several companies will offer a discount for advance rental reservations. For example, Christy Sports gives a 20 percent discount to these kind of early birds. Reserving in advance also ensures that the equipment will be available.

  • Rent from a reputable well-known ski shop to ensure quality equipment. Do research on your rental provider to see if they carry a wide-variety of well-known brands. The equipment needs to be well maintained and serviced by technicians who can match your needs to the best skis that are available.

  • Rent in groups for additional discounts. Christy Sports provides a "Kids Rent Free"package. For each five day parent ski rental, one child, twelve & under, receives a free five day basic kids ski rental. Programs such as this can be a significant savings.

  • Use a Full-Service Rental Delivery Service, such as Door 2 Door Skis for added convenience. This unique service brings the traditional ski shop to the customer's front door. The company delivers rental equipment to guests at their convenience and vans are stocked with inventory to cover any equipment shortfalls or requests. Door 2 Door is the only delivery service that also includes store support. Customers enjoy the freedom of having their equipment when they want it.

  • Don't forget "demo" skis - If you are a more advanced skier and want a particular ski, you may want to consider a demo ski from a local ski retailer. This type of equipment is based on current models that are also available in the store for retail. Call the store ahead of time and reserve the ski/snowboard in advance.

  • Be picky and demand quality. Ten or more years-ago, consumers often associated rental equipment with poor quality and performance. Times have since changed. Today, consumers can be specific in their request and receive some of the best quality from well-known brands.

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