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Elite Sports Abroad

I spent some time during my sabbatical this past spring visiting friends and relatives in Belgium and France, where I also conducted interviews with several administrators at the national centers for elite sports in those countries. I’ll be reporting on differences between the American and European systems in a later essay for MomsTeam, but here I will simply note some of my personal reactions to the conversation with Paul Rowe, who is in charge of elite sports at Bloso, the Flemish sport federation.

A Hard Fall

One of the many things that get short shrift in most handbooks for parents of elite athletes is the question of the other kids in the family. True, some families are so deeply committed to a sport that it would be unthinkable for a sibling not to play. Most of us, though, have children with varied interests, and the tug-of-war can be excruciating.


The Tree Climber

Two Athletes, Two Different Futures

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Okay to Fail

Got to know another single sports mom, Kim, at a conference in New York City last week. There is a sense of worlds crashing into each other when this happens – we were striking up a conversation about our mutual profession (teaching writing at college level) and ended up sharing anecdotes about kids’ elite sports.

Chasing Blue Ribbons

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