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My Hat is Back On

I spoke too soon. My last post shared a great attempt by the Ultimate Youth Football League to eject a team from their league for adult fighting. I just heard a follow up report on the news last night that reported the league cancelled all their playoff games due to public pressure.

I'm not sure of all the facts but the report left me feeling disappointed. The parents of this beligerent team got their way.
All the teams that did the right thing all season got punished too. What message does this action send?

Hat's off to the League with Guts

There is an old saying that one of life’s greatest travesties to a culture is when good people do nothing. I’m not sure who penned that truth but I have to admit I’m guilty of it from time to time and have seen those who have the title and influence to do something look the other way.

The Truth About Gold Medals

Wow, the last 30 days have been so full of watching awesome athletic achievements during the Olympics-I’m still getting over the sleep deprivation I received by staying up so late for two weeks straight! Now, football season has started, school is underway…the hectic fall season is upon me and I need to get to writing!

As I continue to reflect on the great athletic achievements of this year’s Olympics, I thought I would share the following philosophy to keep us grounded on what is important for ourselves and our kids. Enjoy!

Brawling For Dollars, The Evolution of Women's Sports?

Look out parents, a new cultural phenomenon is coming after your girls. It is called "brawling for dollars" and it is coming to a field near you! Here is how it works.

Brawling: Good For Business?

Professional sports association's are businesses and have an insatiable need and greed for making money. I'm a business person myself so I don't begrudge a business needing to make money but exploiting people to do it is another thing all together.

The Millennials-Products of "Me" Centered Youth Sports?

I work for a large company in Dallas as an Organizational Development Specialist. Basically, my focus is to help businesses create high performance cultures. I want to share a topic that has the company I work for and many others taking notice. What does this topic have to do with youth sports you might ask? The topic of "Motivating the Next Generation" is of keen interest and has prompted many a conversation in company board rooms across the US. The newest group of young people coming into the work force are labeled "The Millenials" and their expectations of work environments are very high. They expect lots of praise and they do not appreciate being told they failed.

Performance Anxiety – 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress before the Big Game

Summer is when a variety of youth sports leagues begin post-season tournaments, World Series events and State Championships so an article on calming performance anxiety seemed to be fitting.

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