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Wanderlust Kids Love Yoga, And So Will Yours!

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I was so inspired by the number of children and families at the Wanderlust Festival I recently attended in Stratton, Vermont. Aside from having numerous yoga classes to choose from daily, the Wanderlust environment provides amazing opportunities to explore classes that contribute to community, sustainability, and  positive lifestyle.

One day at the festival, I decided to have some conversations with several very personable children who shared with me what they enjoy about yoga. Every child I spoke with captured my heart and piqued my curiosity. They all had positive things to say about why they loved yoga and how it impacted their lives. The overall consensus from the kids I spoke with was that kids think yoga is “really cool, it helps to stretch your muscles, gives you more energy, relaxes you, gives you more balance, makes you more flexible, calms your mind, and gives you greater peace.”

I loved it! As a chiropractor who is passionate about the well-being of children, it makes me so happy that the children I spoke with have had a positive experience thus far from having yoga in their lives. My hope is that they are able to continue practicing yoga throughout their lives, and that their enthusiasm is so contagious that their friends will want to give yoga a try, too. Knowing how amazing yoga has been in my life for the past 15 years, I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to have grown up with it from a young age. 

Enjoy the video below to see first hand what two children had to say about yoga, and stay tuned for the next video in this series: Discover Strength in a Gentle and Kind Way.