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Wanderlust Festival: Seven Reasons Why It Is A Not-To-Be-Missed Experience For the Entire Family

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Once again this year, I had the privilege of attending on behalf of MomsTEAM the fabulous Wanderlust Festival, a 4 day adventure combining yoga, music, nature, and inspiration.  Although I am not yet a parent, I returned from Colorado more convinced than ever that Wanderlust is a not-to-be-missed experience for parents and their children.

We live in world where competition and rivalry in sports are witnessed and experienced from an early age. InWanderlust Festival Colorado 2013 order to truly experience the peace, happiness, vitality, teamwork, and community that truly does exists in this world (yet is not always portrayed on television or via mainstream media), it becomes the responsibility of individuals who are advocates for a better tomorrow to share it with the world's most precious resource: its children.

The one thing I consistently hear from parents, including my own, is that the greatest wish they have for their children is for them to be happy and healthy. Knowing that children are our future, Wanderlust exemplifies a vision for a better, more loving, healthier, and sane today and tomorrow. Wanderlust is one big playground for kids of all ages (yes, that means you too, parents) and you are invited!

I know that MomsTEAM is a big supporter of The Wanderlust Festival and encourages MomsTEAM families to jump on board and experience it for themselves. Here are seven reasons why I think you and your children would benefit from attending:

1. Team Global Spirit

There is a global movement taking place which is creating a buzz. The buzz is a result of individuals and families passionately choosing to live healthier lives. They are making choices that are in alignment with the vitality and longevity of the planet. They recognize that taking impeccable care of themselves plays an important role in the health of the planet, and that the way they live has the potential to positively impact the lives of future generations.

The Wanderlust Festival takes place in multiple locations, nationally and internationally. It attracts individuals and families who recognize that yoga and the global yoga community play an integral role in the peace, harmony, and unity in the world.

The Wanderlust Festival has a global team spirit, and you are invited to join!

2. What competition?

While at Wanderlust, I had the opportunity to speak with children and adults of all ages about why they practice yoga. While the list of positive replies is long and uniquely beautiful, one answer that I repeatedly heard was that yoga allows them the opportunity to accept themselves where they are, and let go of any personal or team competition that inherent in team sports.  Instead of competition, there is a desire to unite with others who are also interested in the long list of reasons of why people practice yoga. Individuals reported being excited as they experienced their bodies getting stronger and better able to experience deeper postures as they continued to take classes. The undeniable sense of inner peace which results from yoga, also translates into greater peace when it comes to relating with the world as a whole. And that's a good thing!

3. Eco-vision

I have observed that when people choose to take better care of themselves from within, they make choices that are healthier and more sustainable for others and the planet. The founders of The Wanderlust Festival have taken a big look around, and see that our planet needs us to take care of it differently than we ever have before.

The Wanderlust Festival, and it's super-conscious ways, makes a beautiful statement about the importance of our choices. The organic food stations, recycling bins, and Camelback hydration stations are just a few of the many ways that Wanderlust takes action to hopefully create ongoing, long-lasting positive change in the ways in which we think, live, and leave our footprints on this planet. I am grateful for Wanderlust sharing an abundance of positive messages for youth to share with their friends, and hopefully share with future generations.

4. Builds confidence, flexibility, and self- esteem

Tracey Wright with children at The Wanderlust FestivalEveryone has their first yoga class at some point. I spoke with several youth attending Wanderlust about their first experience attending a class and it was lovely to hear them all say how shaky and unbalanced they felt when first trying. And then how, with great enthusiasm, they shared their successes in developing the balance, strength and confidence they needed to maintain postures that they initially were unable to get into.

Yoga has been a contributing source of personal transformation for many adults who have reported that they wish they had experienced yoga as a child because no one should have to wait until they are an adult to build confidence, flexibility, and self-esteem. The community at the Wanderlust Festival opens its arms and heart to meet you and your family exactly where you are and will celebrate the growth and transformation that takes place over the course of your stay.

5. Safety and body awareness

Yoga is an inside-out journey. The ability to silently connect and engage one's body from within is a skill that develops with time. I believe that children have the ability to stay connected to their body from the beginning of life if given the right tools, yoga being one of them.

Unfortunately, for many, the fast-paced, driven lives we lead today disconnect us from our body. Often times, our body will whisper to us subtle messages to pay attention. If we don't listen to the whispers, injury can occur, or our body will send us a wakeup call in the form of a symptom. Our body is constantly asking for us to be aware and connected to it, and to take amazing care if it. Greater body awareness contributes to a greater overall sense and ability to listen to our body's needs. Increased body awareness leads to improved strength, balance and awareness in other sports. Which in turn, leads to fewer injuries.

6. Disconnect from technology

Wanderlust provides the perfect environment to go within and connect with each other. With the increased use of technology (cell phones, iPads, computers, etc.), it becomes easy to not fully connect with ourselves, and the people around us. I've been in rooms full of children who were all on some sort of device and totally disengaged from connecting human to human. While there were several attendees Wanderlust Festival hula hoopsexcitedly taking pictures of the Wanderlust environment, classes, and community, as I looked around throughout the weekend, it seems as though people were genuinely connecting with one another. It was nice to see children participating in yoga and adventures with peers while leaving their technology behind.

7. Fun

The Wanderlust festival offers a wide array of activities. If I were to choose two words that I heard the children I interviewed say about it, "super fun" would be it!  Yes, The Wanderlust Festival is Super Fun! With an abundant offering of yoga, dance, outdoor activities, hula hoops, music, meditation, conscious lectures, good food, and amazing community, this is an opportunity to put on your family "to-do" list.

For more information about Wanderlust and check out upcoming festivals, click here. NOTE: This is a yearly event.