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Indoor Games For The Kids: Ideas For The Holidays

Looking for some fun, simple, holiday-themed indoor activities and games to help your kids burn off energy on cold winter days? Here are some ideas from a two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom of three.

Youth Basketball Injuries: Basic First Aid For Minor Injuries

Most injuries in youth basketball are minor and can be treated with simple first-aid. Finger sprains are common, but ankle and knee injuries, especially in Grades 1 through 6, are not. Here's some basic first aid advice from a longtime coach.

School Lunch Ideas for Busy Families:

With the holidays in full swing on top of our already hectic schedules, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle often seem like overwhelming tasks. A practicing pediatrician, author, and instructor on healthy lifestyles for parents and children offers school lunch ideas to help parents and their kids brave the winter months with gusto.

MomsTeam Announces Partnership With USA Baseball

MomsTeam.com® CEO/Publisher Brooke de Lench announced today that it is partnering with USA Baseball, the national governing body of amateur baseball in the United States, to provide content to USA Baseball's members.

Report Reveals Epidemic of Obesity Among Children With Special Needs, Outlines Solutions

Children with special needs are far more likely to be overweight or obese than their counterparts according to "Finding Balance: Obesity and Children with Special Needs," the second in a series of groundbreaking reports produced by AbilityPath.org, an online resource and social community for parents and professionals serving the needs of adults and children with disabilities.

Injury Time: One Mom's Not So Surprising Reaction

The play is over, and the football players in the pile all get up, except for one.  One mom's story of what happened next may not be so surprising.

Welcome to MomsTeam

Whether you are a sports mom, sports dad, coach, team mom, or anyone else involved in youth sports, we are on your team!

Rise in Emergency Department Visits for Sports Concussions Reflects Increased Awareness

That the number of emergency department visits by children and teens for sports and recreation-related concussion jumped over 60 percent from 2001 to 2009 may be good news, says The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which attributed the rise to increased awareness of sports parents and coaches about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries.

Home-Made Egg Rolls: A Delicious And Different Post-Game Snack

As a team parent, I had the honor of being at least twice on the snack rotation for my son's Little League team.  What started as a routine obligation, morphed quickly into a fun "competition" amongst parents over who could make the most asked-for team snack.  I made egg rolls for the team snack, team parties, coaches' gifts, school international projects...... the list goes on.   With so much attention given to healthy snacks, I decided that "healthy" is in the eyes of the beholder. Instead, I opt for FUN and introduce to you, my famous, "Mrs. B's Egg Rolls".   

Sports Parenting: Teaching the Right Values Should Always Come First

A mom of seven says parents of youth athletes need to make sure that their kids' sports promotes values and life lessons consistent with their own.
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