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Healthy Meals & Snacks

A Dozen Reasons to LOVE Eggs!

Here are a dozen reasons why eggs should be a part of your daily breakfast routine.

Feeding Young Athletes On A Budget: A Nutritional Challenge For Busy Sports Parents

A limited food budget creates a nutritional challenge for parents of active kids. The name of the fueling game is: How can you buy enough healthy calories with the least amount of money? These practical tips can help optimize a low-budget sports diet.

Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need To Be Exotic?

Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another headline about The 10 Best Super Sports Foods, only be instructed to buy exotic fruits, ancient grains, and other unusual items? Do we really need chia, spelt, and quinoa? Is anything wrong with old-fashioned peanut butter, broccoli and brown rice? A top sports nutritionist weighs in.

Healthy Foods and Snacks for Summer

A challenge most parents face during the summer months is eating on the go. The summer heat and shuttling kids to and from sports, camp, and the pool can zap the energy for making homecooked meals, and, as recent studies have shown, concession stand food (hot dogs, dye loaded slushes, and refined suger) can be just about as unhealthy as they come.  So what can parents do to keep summer foods healthy without missing out on the fun foods the summer season offers? The author of a new cookbook geared to kids has some tips.

Should Athletes Really Avoid Carbs? A Top Sports Nutrition Expert Says No

For athletes who routinely train hard 4 to 6 days a week, carbs enhance performance and should be the foundation of each meal. Research-based recommendations for an optimal sports diet include far more carbs than you may realize, says sports nutrition expert Nancy Clark.

Food News from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Experiencing the Food & Nutrition Expo at the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic Association's annual convention is an eating adventure! Several hours and many calories later, I emerged from the Expo with a sampling of items that can contribute to an effective sports diet. Here is brief snapshot of some of what I saw.

Thanksgiving For Sports Moms: Make Your Kids Part Of The Team In The Kitchen, Says Katie Workman

For many families, Thanksgiving means family, friends, food, and football, often high school football. For moms responsible for preparing the big meal after getting back from the game is can be a really tough assignment. The answer? Get your kids to become part of the team in the kitchen says Mom100 blogger Katie Workman.

Top Sports Nutrition Foods

What foods do leading nutrition experts say are best for sports? MomsTEAM has compiled the top picks of our guest bloggers from October is Sports Nutrition Month.

Breakfast Ideas for Busy Families

What do top sports nutritionists recommend for breakfast? We've compiled a list from the responses MomsTEAM got during its recent nutrition blog series and put them all in one place.

Quick And Easy Dinners For The Family On The Go

To make life easy for a family always on the go, here all in one place are quick and easy dinner menu ideas from MomsTEAM's blog series featuring top sports nutrition experts.
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