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Thanksgiving blessings

Texans Celebrate Thanksgiving With the 4 Fs: Family, Friends, Food, and Football!

The days are getting shorter. The leaves on the trees are turning beautiful shades of burnt orange, maroon, gold and plum. The election season is finally over, too. The temperature has dropped below 80 in Texas. For me, it is the best time of the year. Time to concentrate on the 4 Fs for the remaining weeks of the year: Family, Friends, Food, and, of course, Football.

Bountiful Feast

Pecan pie topped with dollop of whipped cream

Thanksgiving is all about the 4 Fs in Texas. Our turkeys are roasted, unless you are tailgating for the holiday. That bird is deep-fried in a propane cooker on asphalt in the parking lot.

Thanksgiving will be a bit different in Texas this year. While one mom from Dallas says it will still be celebrated with family, friends, food, and football, one tradition will be missing: for the first time in nearly a century, the University of Texas Longhorns won't be playing the Texas A & M Aggies.

Thanksgiving Blessings: Foundation Gives Malawi Youth Chance To Play Sports, Get Education

Most American youth playing sports these days are lucky enough to play on well-maintained fields and with the best and latest sports gear.  Children in the southeast African nation of Malawi, among the world's least developed and most densely populated countries, aren't so fortunate.  Malawan children face many adversities, including poverty, disease, and low life expectancies.  Opportunities to play sports, much less with the right equipment, are few and far between.Kalekeni Banda and children of Chituka, Malawi


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