Coaching Your Own Child

Should Sports be 'Dumbed Down?'

The idea of “dumbed down” sports is a scary concept for some. It can be hard for many adults, especially coaches, to accept. The mere idea of doing so can bring their coaching into question and evoke feelings of hesitation, resistance and fear. Many are often quick to admit, “My dad never ‘dumbed down’ sports for me, and I turned out fine.” However, watch a seasoned coach try to teach a young child without “dumbing down” sports, and they fail miserably. Still, purists claim “dumbed down” sports coaching is anything but natural.

Coaching Your Own Child: Attitude, Objectivity and Preparation Are Keys

Most youth sports coaches, especially up to the level of so-called "elite" or "select" teams, have a child on the team. If you are coaching your own child, or even if you are an assistant coach or team mom or team parent, there are three keys to follow to make it a positive experience.

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