Sports Safety

The Research Behind Chest Protectors: Has it been worth the money spent yet?

Where sports are concerned, our inner need to protect our kids can sometimes be at odds with our desire to allow our kids to spread their wings.  While most sports are safe with proper equipment and coaching, there are always risks involved, especially with contact sports. The question is, how safe is some of the specialized equipment our kids are asked to use, such as chest protectors? 

What's The Right Amount of Sports For Your Child?

Your child loves sports but is he or she getting the right amount? There is a "right" amount and, while it differs for each child, it always has one feature in common: there is time reserved for free play and other activities.

Preventing ACL Injuries In Kids: Really a Matter of Child's Play

Do you remember Dr. Spock's motto, "Live long and prosper"? Great words to live by and a dream all parents have for their kids. However, today's kids may not get to adulthood without some sort of long-term problem created by the sports they love. A recent article in the The Boston Globe with some of the country's leading pediatric orthopedists drives that point home.

Gymnastics Safety: Many Injuries Are Preventable

Gymnastics is a popular sport for today's girls. Yet, it is actually one of the more dangerous sports for their health. Here's some information to help parents choose the safest program for their child.

Heat Illnesses: What Parents Need To Know

Kids love the outdoors and the hot weather is often not a deterrent. However, exercising in the heat can be very dangerous for kids of all ages. Here's a run down of what to look for and, more importantly, how to help your child avoid the dangers of the heat while participating in sports.

Rare Form of Drowning Has Teachable Moments for All Our Kids' Safety

The sad headline of the dry drowing of a 10 year old South Carolina boy this week has many parents concerned. With the warm weather here in many parts of our country and summer approaching fast, swimming will be part of many of our kids' lives very, very soon. Before you panic, let me give you some facts and tell you a few things you can do to keep your kids safe.

Lessons From The Big Show: Our Kids Need A DL...Just Like The Pros!

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, let me just
say this: if the pros put their guys on the DL for extended periods of time,
why don’t we do this with our kids?

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