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Dietary Supplements For Performance Nutrition: Adopt "Food-First" Philosophy, Says NATA

The keys to good health and successful athletic performance are a carefully designed, healthful, and nutritionally balanced diet and well-developed program which promotes a "food-first" philosophy, says a helpful new position statement on evaluating dietary supplements from the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA).

Energy Drinks: What Teenagers, Doctors, and Parents Should Know

Reviewing current information about the content, benefits, and risks of the use of energy drinks by teens, a group of military doctors expressed "great concern" over the safety and negative effects of energy drinks, given their high caffeine content and the common practice on college campuses (and most likely at the high school level as well) of mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Risk Factors for Concussion and Prolonged Recovery

History of prior concussion, collision sports, female sex, and women's soccer are the strongest known risk factors for concussion, while symptoms such as persistent headaches, migraines, amnesia, and multiple symptoms appear to be associated with prolonged recovery, says a new study.

Number and Type of Symptoms Linked To Prolonged Concussion Recovery, Study Says

High school athletes reporting four or more symptoms of concussion at the time of injury are twice as likely to experience symptoms lasting a week or more, says a 2013 study.

Can Brain Scan Identify Signs of C.T.E.?

Using a sophisticated brain scan, researchers at UCLA have for the first time identified in living patients the telltale signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. While the results are preliminary, the study opens up the possibility of using the scans to develop strategies to prevent C.T.E. and provide treatment for those who have it.

Effect of Concussion On Children's Brains Linger Long After Symptoms Clear

Structural abnormalities in children's brains persist in children and teens for months after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion, even when symptoms have cleared and results on neurocognitive tests have returned to normal, finds a sobering new study in the Journal of Neuroscience.

High Salt Diet Linked To Greater Soft Drink Consumption and Increased Childhood Obesity Risk

One way to fight childhood obesity may be to reduce dietary intake of salt by children, says a new study. Reducing the amount of salt may help reduce the amount of sugary beverages consumed, which in turn, may lower childhood obesity risk.

Nutritional Supplements: Use Only To Fill Gaps & As Insurance, Experts Say

What do top sports dietitians and nutrition experts think of nutritional supplements? If you read their blogs last month, you already know the answer is, not much, with almost all saying that athletes should meet their nutritional needs with food.

Pediatricians and ER Doctors: More Concussion Training Needed

Although pediatric primary care and emergency medicine ;providers regularly treat concussions, many admit to lacking the training or tools needed to diagnose and manage concussed patients, a new study finds.

Muscle-Enhancing Behaviors More Common Among Teens Than Previously Thought

The use of muscle-enhancing behaviors among middle and high school boys and girls - including such unhealthy behaviors as using protein powders or shakes, steroids, and other muscle-enhancing substances - is substantially higher than previously reported, a new study finds.