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Hazing Common Among High School Athletes

Almost half of 11th and 12th grade athletes report having been subjected to hazing, according to a 2000 study.

Abuse in Youth Sports Takes Many Different Forms

Abuse in youth sports takes four basic forms: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. Emotional abuse is the most common form and leaves scars no less real.

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse by Coach of Child

In the wake of the Penn State and USA Swimming sex abuse scandals, parents need to be on the lookout for the warning signs that their child's coach may be sexual abusing them.

Establish Boundaries to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Sports

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk that your child or a teammate will be a victim of sexual harassment or abuse is to set boundaries at the pre-season meeting of parents and coaches.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Youth Sports: What Parents Can Do

In the wake of yet another sex abuse scandal in sports, here are some steps experts say parents can take to minimize the risk that their child, or a teammate will be a victim of sexual abuse or harassment.

Yelling from the Sideline Can Be Emotional Abuse

Children who have loud and noisy parents are at a disadvantage playing sports. Focusing on the game with a screeching parent in the background is next to impossible. A mother is always the first to pick out the voice of her child crying, "Mom! Mom!" in a crowded store. It's the same way with kids. It doesn't matter how many fans are yelling, they can pick out their parents' voices through the din.

No-Cut Rule For School Teams Below Varsity Makes Sense

Perhaps no other topic sparks as much heated debate among parents as the practice of cutting potential players from middle or high school teams. While there are two sides to the argument, I believe the practice is outmoded and needs to be reexamined in light of twenty-first century realities.

No Excuse for Abuse In Name of Winning

Of the tens of thousands of e-mails MomsTeam has received over the years, most distressing are those that detail how often some try to justify emotional or even physical abuse of youth sports athletes in the name of winning. Simply put, there is no excuse for such abuse.

Preventing MRSA Spread: Good Personal Hygiene In Locker Room, Schools, Home

The best way to prevent the spread of staph infections such as the antibiotic-resistant skin infection or "super bug" known as
methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus ("MRSA") is to maintain good personal hygiene in locker room, schools and at home.

Concussion Right #1: Pre-Season Safety Meeting

The best way to ensure that athletes who suffer concussions playing sports have the best possible outcome in both the short and long term is to educate them and their parents about the importance of self-reporting and the parent's role in the critical return to play decision.