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Women Can Be Coaches

A recent study confirms what most already know: the vast majority of those coaching our children are men.  For women - particularly mothers - who want to break into the coaching ranks there are lots of obstacles but becoming a coach is not impossible.  Here's some advice from one mother who bucked the system and became a successful soccer coach.

Gender Divide in Youth Sports Persists, Study Says

A new study confirms what many sports parents have long known: the gender divide in youth sports is no different than in the home and the workplace: the vast majority of head coaching slots are men, and nearly all of the team mom positions are held by  women, many reluctantly.

Like Mom, LIke Son: The Rewards of Coaching Youth Sports Are A Family Affair

A mom tells how she gained a new appreciation for coaching after becoming a mother; a love for coaching that her son now shares.

Starting a New Youth Sports Club

As with team sports, success in starting a new youth sports program takes teamwork, determination and a willingness to do one's best to reach a common goal.

Women Coaches and Administrators: Reversing The Decline in Numbers

The rate of growth in female sport participation since the passage of Title IX in 1972 has been phenomonal, but the persistent decline in women coaches and athletic administrators is at once noteworthy and troubling. A leading expert offers recommendations on reversing this trend.

What Does a Team Mom Do?

From handing out schedules, setting up the snack and drink schedule, and sending out e-mails, to keeping player rosters and statistics, and organizing team parties and buying end-of-season gifts for the coaches, team moms are critical to a successful youth sports season.

Coach, Be Consistent

When you learn about raising children, you hear about consistency. When you learn about working with animals and training animals, you hear about consistency. This key of consistency also applies to coaching softball as well.

7 Free Ways to Increase Your Coaching Knowledge

Great coaches know there is always more to learn about the game. Most are actively seeking new knowledge on a regular basis. If you want to step up your coaching game a bit, there are certainly a multitude of options. But if you're just starting out or simply on a tight budget and don't want to spend a lot of money on books, DVDs, coaches clinics, seminars, or other paid resources just yet, I have good news for you. There are a number of free resources with quality information available for you to learn from.

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