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I feel that my son has been doing great adjusting to high school. But, I think a question that we could also ask is how are parents adjusting to high school? I do have a concern as like many other parents do. Involving our kids participation in freshmen football. It's early in the season and it's already started parents up in the stands chanting let the other kids get into play. Hey coach why don't you put my son in to play? That kid sucks you need to put my son in . Here's the bottom line my heart is broken cause I can't explain a good enough reason to my son why he is on the sidelines at all three games or his buddies along the side with him. He has been playing in POP WARNER since he was 5. He is also an Honor Roll student. Several coaches have told him and us as his parents that he is good and has a lot of potential. Don't get me wrong this isn't all about my son but, he works very hard and strives for the best to achieve. It is taking every ounce of me to keep my mouth shut and not stand up for my son to the coach. Because one I try to teach my son to stay positive and to keep the faith. Two what good will that do for my son and his friends. Nothing it would make matters worse right? So I hear. I tell my son that the coach has a plan for him and after each game I see the hurt in my son's face it just kills a mother. At least it does me. How can we teach our children to stay positive and to strive for the best when the coaches won't as much look at the kids that aren't being played on the field? But, from a mothers stand point you don't want to have people pick on your child saying that he's a momma's boy for speaking up to the coach. Then the coach tells the kids in the locker room for those mothers out in the stands yelling put my kid in is going to make them stay on the sidelines even more. C'mon this isn't College football. It's boys trying to reach a dream or trying to have fun. How can you boost their moral and keep them together as a TEAM if coaches only plays the same 15 boys offensive and defensive? How does this help our young boys grow? Can anyone provide positive feedback on this issue? Are there any other parents out there that have experienced this too? What did you do? I am curious to know what your opinion is on this issue. Can someone please explain to me how does politics fall in the guidelines of high school sports?
To those that don't understand what I am trying to say here is how is it fair whether your child plays good or bad how do we explain and teach to our children not to get discouraged and give up on their dreams. Especially if they are only standing on the sidelines for every game AKA BENCH WARMER.
Yes, I know there are kids out there who are really good at football and deserve to be out there on the field and then there are those who think they may be good. I am not questioning the Coaches on that issue but, what I am questioning is how hard is it for a coach to maybe sit down with each child? You know the ones that are sitting on the sidelines each game the ones who want to be good, want to learn, want to be told what they need to learn, or what they need to show so they can get more playing time. Have you thought coaches or have you not been taught honesty is the best policy just being up front with these fellas might give them a different outlook or understanding of why they are still on the sidelines. Maybe just maybe they might reevaluate their goals and insights of what they should be doing with their spare time.
Thanks for listening.