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Kemi Oguntala, MD- Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Native Americans in Sports

When asked for the name of the greatest American athlete of the early part of the 20th century, far and away the most often named athlete is Jim Thorpe.

You may be asking, "Who was Jim Thorpe and why do I need to know who he is?"

Jim Thorpe was important not only as the most famous Native American athlete ever, but for the role he played in American history. A member of the U.S. Olympic team at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm, Sweden, Thorpe was a product of Indian boarding schools, which, while they stripped Native American children and teens of their culture, families and language, were also fertile ground at the time for developing Native American athletes.

"The Fighter": A Movie To Watch With Your Teen

Sometimes you need other people to convey to your teen a message that they might not listen to if it comes from a parent. Its not always that you can't say it, it's just that you don't have the credibility to say it. You need to find another way. You need to find another person sometimes. Sometimes, it's a movie that can get the message across.

"The Fighter" is such a movie, featuring a riveting performance by Mark Wahlberg, the rapper turned amazing actor.  Like the heroes Wahlberg most likely needed as role models to change his life, he brings to the screen the struggle of an ordinary person doing something extraordinary: getting up off the canvas when he's been knocked down.

Using Sports As A Carrot To Help Academic Performance

Sports can be a great carrot to get your teen to improve their academic performance. Whether your teen is a barely average student or is getting better than average grades, playing sports can actually help them improve their grades, with studies showing that both boys and girls who play sports tend to get better grades.

Getting Your Teen Moving: A Great First Step!

Obesity is one of the most preventable medical causes of disease among teens.  It leads to the increase in early onset diabetes with all of its complications, not to mention the complications of obesity itself. One of the best ways to prevent teenage obesity is with diet and exercise. We know the chances of teens becoming an overweight or obese adult are high, so the time to do something, if it has not already been done, is in high school.

Kemi Oguntala, MD

Kemi Oguntala, MDAdekemi "Kemi" Oguntala, MD is MomsTeam.com's pediatric and adolescent medicine expert.  An adolescent medicine physician, author, speaker and educator, she is recognized for her energetic and hip approach to difficult adolescent issues such as eating disorders, club drugs, sexual development, orientation and teen health.

Helping Your Daughter Cope With Being Lesbian In Sports

As a parent of a lesbian tween or teen, one of the things you will have naturally have to worry about is how your tween or teen daughter is going to do socially, not just at school and in general, but in extracurricular activities in particular, such as team sports.

Female Athlete Triad: A Primer for Parents

Disordered eating, skipped periods (amenorrhea) and repeated bone instability or fractures are the three signs of the athletic triad. Unlike teens with anorexia nervosa or bulimia, teens are maintaining a low body weight because they exercise too much and don't eat enough to keep up with their activity.
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