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Relationship with Non-Custodial Parent

To Get Along with Your Ex On Sports Sideline Apply Lessons You Give Your Child


Michigan versus The Ohio State University, Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers, Liverpool versus Manchester United, New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox, Harvard versus Yale. What do these match-ups have in common? They are some of the most storied sports rivalries; some going back a hundred years, and will likely continue to be contested for generations to come.

Yet they may pale in comparison to a match-up which plays out daily on the fields, pitches, courts and gyms of youth sports: the rivalry between separated or divorced sports parents.

Co-parenting with your "adversary" is challenging enough, but adding a full sports schedule to the mix makes things even more stressful. The best strategy for single parents in dealing with your ex may be to follow the advice you give your own child.
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