Indiana Drops Rule Against Girls Playing Baseball

Blake Ress, the head of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), didn't let his personal bias get in the way when he dropped a rule barring girls from playing baseball that violated Title IX.

Washington State Governor Signs Fair Play Bill

Washington State Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed into law a Fair Play bill prohibiting sex discrimination in public community sports programs.


Every year our city baseball league creates teams for the elite players. We have the 10 year old all-stars, the 11s, and this year for the 12s, we have two teams. For the 12 year old players, one team runs a 70 foot baseline from home to first. This team is the "A" team for all practical purposes. Then there the other team, the "B" team runs a 60 foot baseline.

Reforming Interscholastic Sports and Physical Education Programs

Fundamentally altering the outmoded model that most schools follow for interscholastic sports and increasing physical education opportunities will be a monumental undertaking.  It will require the effort of a large and vocal group of committed parents.  But it can be done.

Reforming Youth Sports: Community, Grass-Roots Parent Activism Needed

Because parents come and go and because change at the national level is unlikely, reforming youth sports is most likely to occur at the grass roots, community level. It is there that concerned parents can make youth sports as much about having fun as about winning, make sports safer, and give every child a chance to play.

Empowering Women To Take More Active Role in Youth Sports

Women need to push for leadership roles in youth sports both as coaches and administrators to protect their children from needless injury playing sports and help break down the gender stereotyping and sexist attitudes that permeate today's youth sports culture more than 25 years after the passage of Title IX.

Why a No-Cut Policy for Middle School Teams Is a Good Idea

Does your child's middle school have a no-cut policy or does it limit the number of children who get a chance to participate in interscholastic sports? What are the reasons for cutting kids who want to play sports from teams up to high school sub-varsity? Are there reasons why cutting is a bad idea? The founder of MomsTeam, Brooke de Lench, explains why she fought for a no-cut policy at her sons' middle school.

V is for Victory. So is IX

For too many girls, the likelihood of their participation and the quality of their playing experience is far from equal. With this in mind, the Women’s Sports Foundation is partnering with the California Women’s Law Center (CLWC), the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington (ACLU) and the Women’s Law Project (WLP) on a national campaign to increase the effectiveness of Title IX by providing education, resources and technical assistance to parents, students, coaches and administrators In three target states (California, Washington and Pennsylvania) to level the playing field in those communities.

Hat's off to the League with Guts

There is an old saying that one of life’s greatest travesties to a culture is when good people do nothing. I’m not sure who penned that truth but I have to admit I’m guilty of it from time to time and have seen those who have the title and influence to do something look the other way.

Sports Team Tryouts: The Controversy Over Cutting

Thirteen years ago, on their first day of their first year of middle school, my triplet sons each received a thick green booklet packed with school rules and policies, and survival tips for incoming sixth graders .  Parents were provided with a copy of the same booklet.

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