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A Deeper Meaning Behind Youth Sports Participation

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Principles of Greatness: A Visual Demonstration by Profiles International

To aspire to be something more, whether in sports, music, art, school, the workplace, or life in general, is a goal that few could argue with. The difficulty comes when contemplating the depth and breadth of what this actually means.

I like to think of that “something more” from the standpoint of what we have, or are able to develop, on the inside. Those positive intrinsic attributes which set a person apart from the group, that create the ability to achieve what others only think of, that govern our life choices and aid in building strong character.

Participation in youth sports, at least from my perspective, is merely one tool to this end. A very good tool I might add, but a tool nevertheless (one which is only as good, or bad, based on how it is used). An environment that gives opportunity to practice, develop, and reveal the many foundational principles I refer to above and frequently discuss in my blogs. And many are principles that form the foundation from which Becoming a True Champion builds its framework, the book for which I am seeking publication.

In an attempt to bring a more concrete view to the intrinsic components we all should aspire to, I have again discovered a video on YouTube (created by Profiles International) that truly does justice to the meaning of “becoming something more.”

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaMwLp9be8w