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A Definition of True Success

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The willingness, perseverance, and commitment to go through a process that allows one to achieve personal, family, and/or group goals; the kind of goals that many view as impossible to accomplish.

And to do so with solid character and integrity, the kind of character and integrity that beseeches one to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. This is regardless of the outside pressure to do otherwise.

Finally, the willingness and resolution to reach out to others in order to teach them how to do the same.

It is this kind of success, true success, which brings with it
an internal sense of gratification and happiness that can be difficult to quantify.

It most certainly cannot be measured by the size of one’s bank account, the money one makes, materialistic things one owns, nor prestige or power one believes they hold.

In fact, it is those who try to measure true success in this manner who diminish the real essence of what it is all about, and in so doing never really grasp its completeness.

                                                                                                                                                           Kirk Mango 2009