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Volleyball (Indoor)

Health Professionals With Training In Return to Play Guidelines Can Manage Most Concussions, Says Dr. Robert Cantu

Only where an athlete continues to experience post-concussion signs or symptoms for more than a week is consultation with a concussion specialized advised, says Dr. Robert Cantu.

Talking to Your Child's Coach: Advice for Volleyball Moms and Dads

If the world were a perfect place, talking to your child's volleyball coach would be as natural and stress free as talking to your child's teacher. Unfortunately, there is not much that worries and confuses youth sports parents more than talking to their child's coach.

Volleyball: What Makes An Elite Player?

Elite volleyball players typically possess many of the same attributes.

Starting Volleyball

Volleyball can be played by children of all ages and is typically played for the first time recreationally, in the back yard, on the beach with an inflatable ball, or in gym class.

Common Youth Volleyball Injuries

There are many injuries associated with volleyball, the most common affecting the joints of the knees, elbows and shoulders. Volleyball injuries can occur as the long term result of overuse/under-resting, or acute/traumatic injuries sustained in an instant.

Youth Volleyball Basics: A Beginner's Guide For Parents

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six attempt to score points on their opponents by grounding the ball on the other team

Buying Volleyball Shoes

When purchasing new indoor volleyball shoes, one of your main priorities should be to look for a shoe that provides solid lateral stability to support your footwork when your sprinting side to side

Buying Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes provide ankle support and excellent traction to aid in the start-stop, quickly moving, pivoting and jumping movements of the sport. Indoor volleyball shoes most closely resemble basketball shoes in their appearance and design and can most likely be sized according to your street shoe. Fit and comfort are very important when picking out a volleyball shoe.

Tips To Prevent Volleyball Injuries

Many injuries in volleyball are preventable if certain precautions are taken, including adequate warm-up and stretching, wearing the right equipment, including elbow and knee pads and shoes that provide adequate support.

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