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2007 Track and Field Rules Changes

3-2-4(o): The games committee may restrict the wearing of items which are worn in excess of the school-issued uniform allowed by rule.

4-3-1b(5) & c new 5,6; 9-6-1b (6): An American flag, not to exceed 2 by 3 inches, and either a commemorative or memorial patch, not to exceed 4 square inches, may be worn on the uniform top or bottom.

4-3-1c new 5,6: A single manufacturer's logo/trademark/reference, no more than 2¼ square inches with no dimensions more than 2¼ inches, is permitted on the uniform bottom.

5-7-2; 5-7-3: Establishes the single starting command for individual races, or opening relay legs of 800 meters or more outdoor or 600 meters or more indoor shall be "On your marks."

6-4-5; 6-5-4: The throwing sector of 34.92 degrees is now required for the shot put and discus events.

7-5-12: The runway adjacent to the pole vault box may be marked by a permanent line 1 cm or ½" drawn through the top (zero point) of the vault box extending 3 meters (10 ft.) to each side of the box.

8 note: The standard scoring system for the decathlon, pentathlon and heptathlon shall be the point scale established by IAAF unless the state association determines otherwise.

9-6-5: A competitor shall wear the assigned unaltered contestant number when numbers are provided and computer chip(s) when those devices are used in competition.

Source: National Federation of High School Athletic Associations. © NFHS