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The Internet and College Recruiting: A Word of Warning

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Obviously with the emergence and continual growth of the internet and the connectivity it creates among people, young athletes today have avenues to "get noticed" that I never had when I was in high school. Athletes are starting to post videos on YouTube and other websites as part of their college recruiting portfolio. Is this a good idea? I believe so. Why not use any avenue possible? It is absolutely critical that athletes and families in the college recruiting process be proactive in their journey. If making a video and uploading it to sites like YouTube is going to help you reach coaches you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach, then by all means, make use of that tool!

My only word of warning is this: Don't expect that "If you build it, they will come." This is the one major concern I have about families using this marketing tool in the college recruiting process. They may hear about how others made a video and it went viral and was seen tens of thousands of times and got into the hands (or inboxes) of all these great college coaches and they mistakenly go into the venture with the mentality that they will "automatically" get the same results. I'm not saying that it can't happen because if you make a really great or unique video it may. Is it likely? Not really. I just don't want athletes and families to fall into the same "sense of security" that is often felt with those who attend recruiting camps/clinics or showcase tournaments. These families often feel that simply by doing that ONE thing, they are doing "enough" to get the athlete's name out there and having that line of thinking can be a huge mistake. Don't go into the whole "online video" venture with that mentality. Understand that while it may be a great tool, making and uploading a video in and of itself is only a the tip of the iceberg. Is it enough in some cases? Maybe. But why take that chance and hope it's enough? Cover all of your bases by DOING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN with the marketing tools that you have. Having a video uploaded and viewable on the internet is just one small piece of the marketing pie. Use it, but don't stop there.