Sports-Related Facial Fractures: Relatively Common But Preventable

Nearly half of sports-related facial fractures among children occur in baseball and softball, says a new study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, many of which could be prevented if players wore face shields while fielding.

Sarah Burke's Death: A Reminder To Take All Head and Neck Injuries Seriously

Vertebral artery (e.g. whiplash) injuries, such as the one that claimed the life of Canadian freestyle skier, Sarah Burke, can occur to athletes in contact sports, such as football and hockey, and sports where falling is common, such as skateboarding and skiing

Mom you don't want to watch this

Yesterday, Wolf was tell me about how excited he is to be going to the Attack of Danger Bay this coming May long weekend.  It will be his third time at that race/ festival.  It is hard to believe that it was two years ago when he was only fourteen when we agreed to let our boy go off on his own to that race.  He's been hooked ever since.

Roadrash treatment home tested!

Yikes!  Here is the results if not following my newly learned road rash treatment.  It is my son's slow healing crusty knee.  I vowed to not let this happen again.  But, as he is fifteen, and not certain of my wisdom in these matters, I am not so sure that he will be thrilled with my intervention.  He prefers to take care of these things himself.  

Road Rash First Aid

When skin and pavement meet, you will want to be prepared to treat your child's road rash with current cleansing and dressing methods.  Here are first aid tips for the home medic.


His scabby knees peaked through the gashes in his denim. “Lets talk about your knees, son.”
“Alright,” he said. He looked down, earnest, but down.
“You know the deal, bud—no knee pads, no riding.”
“I can explain.”
I waited for something that would explain the wounds still crispy with freshness.

What kind of a mother am I?

What kind of a sane parent would allow their child to break the speed limit on some extraordinarily precarious roads, on a skateboard? I'll say this right up front, this isn't by choice. He'd do it with or without my approval. Not that he is at all disrespectful, he's far from it. In fact he is quite a sweetie. He loves to race. I know I have said this before, but it is still true. So, as his doting parent I supply him with a firm set of rules.

A) no helmet= no skateboard. This is an easy one to enforce as the whole of our local longboarding community is in support of this one.

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