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Football: Injury Preventive Tackling Safety Education and Training

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According to the Concussion Institute, tackle football players suffered more than 3,800,000 brain injuries in 2007. 

I therefore have three important questions for parents of youth & high school football players

  1. Do you know the main reasons there continues to be so many brain injuries in tackle football each year?

  2. When it comes to head, neck and spinal cord injury prevention, what is the one thing you are counting on to make this football season a safer one for your child and less stressful for yourself?

  3. Would you sign up for a seminar where you could get the answers to both questions that provided your child with the education and training to avoid injuries to his head, neck and spine during live football contact?

My name is Coach Bobby Hosea and I have a few solutions that I can share, but first I would like to hear from you,  concerned parents, on what you think the primary causes for so many injuries to the head, neck and spine, and if anything can be done to reduce them.

I look forward to your comments.

Sincerely yours,

Coach Bobby Hosea