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Buying Equipment For Aggressive Skating

Here’s a checklist of what experts say an aggressive in-line skater needs:

  • Special skates. Aggressive skaters often have their skates personalized for stylistic needs on different tricks. Cost: around $350.
  • Grind plate. A rectangular metal plate attached to the instep of the skate, protecting the frame from wear on the skate. Cost: around $50.
  • Special helmet. A full head helmet that covers the ears is required in competitions. Do not count on a bicycle helmet, they will not offer adequate protection. Cost: around $75.
  • Knee pads. Larger than those used by recreational skaters. Cost: around $70
  • Wrist Guards and Elbow Pads. Use varies somewhat among pros, but both can prevent serious injuries

Safety Hint

Injuries are a fact of life in inline skating, but proper training and protective equipment can reduce the number and the severity of injuries dramatically. World champion skateboarder Tony Hawk suggests investing in the best-made pads by going to a shop that specializes in skating and where they can help meet your child’s specific needs.