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How Can I Help My Child Get Started?

The experts offer the following tips to parents for getting their child started in in-line skating:

  • Rent, don’t buy. Resist the temptation to buy cheap skates for a beginner. Not only will they likely be uncomfortable and hard to use, but also your child may get so turned off that he will quit before he has even gotten started. Experts say rent skates instead. That way you can tell gauge your child’s level of interest before you make shell out for skates and safety equipment. Many stores will credit the cost of the rental against new skates.

  • Get your child some lessons. Instruction is important. Inline skaters need to learn to stop safely by using the brake pads at the heel of most in-line skates, as well as how to fall safely. So, invest in a few lessons.Statistics show that fifty percent of all in-line skating injuries are to those who have not taken any lessons. Those who have taken six or more lessons account for only 11% of in-line skating injuries.