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Overuse to Blame For Youth Pitching Injuries, But Sliders and Curveballs Still Risk

Overuse is to blame for arm injuries among youth baseball players, but throwing curve balls at an early age still increases risk, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina.

Preventing Pitching Injuries: Avoid Multiple Teams in Overlapping Seasons

Baseball pitchers who play for multiple teams with overlapping seasons are at increased risk of injury from exceeding mandatory or recommended pitch limits. 

Potter Baseball Tour Celebrates Values of Bygone Era

In his book, "Whatever Happened to Baseball?" Jeff Potter wrote about how the game of baseball had changed in the last 30-40 years.  In the summer of 2010, Potter took a team of youth baseball players on a month-long baseball odyssey to celebrate values from baseball's past: teamwork, discipline, work ethic, and passion for the game.

Travel Ball: Are More Players, Fewer Teams Needed?

Every year, without fail, independent travel baseball teams start up without the number of players they need to insure a dependable, quality, and competitive team but, just as importantly, a healthy and safe baseball playing experience.

Letter to Parents

Our ball club is designed to accommodate 20 players, not 12. In the past you may have
participated on teams that have promised your son a tremendous amount of playing time
involving many games and much exciting travel. You may have concerns as to why we chose to
carry this number of players. As you read, please begin to recall that experience.
We created this team as a quality alternative to open enrollment leagues. The term quality is
important. We believe that quality is vital to our mission. We will make four promises to you;

Preventing Pitching Injuries: Up to Parents To Reduce Injury Risk Where Multiple Teams Involved

When athletes pitch for multiple teams during the same season or on unregulated travel ball team, parents should keep track of pitch counts to protect them from injury.

Does Athletic Success In Age-Group Competition Depend On A Child's Relative Age?

Have you ever watched the Little League World Series on television? Ever notice how the players on the teams are almost always much bigger and stronger than the average twelve-year-old and look more like sixteen-year-olds?

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