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Meet MomsTeam's Baseball Expert: John Pinkman

Baseball educator, coach, writer, and speaker John Pinkman brings an outstanding resume to the position of MomsTeam's baseball expert. Coach Pinkman is a nationally recognized baseball educator with over 25 years experience, devoting the last 15 years to professional pitching instruction. Collegiate Baseball Magazine describes him as "one of the top pitching coaches in the country". He is a national columnist, lecturer, and clinician and currently writes and speaks on pitching, the teaching technologies of professional baseball instruction and baseball school operation. Read more

Nutrition Tip

  • Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from a sports injury. No change in diet is necessary when a quick recovery is expected. A long-term injury will likely require a reduced diet with a focus on maintaining protein intake and eating nutrient-dense foods.

Footwear: Baseball

Baseball cleats are specifically made for baseball and are required in most levels of the game. While there are many expensive cleats on the market, you can find ones that are as cheap as fifteen dollars at places such as Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods.

When buying baseball cleats, remember:


Baseball: Pronunciation:

a game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players each on a large field having four bases that mark the course a runner must take to score.

Baseball is a slow-paced game that requires a great amount of skill, strength, and hand-eye coordination. Unlike other team sports, baseball has no clock, so the game continues until the last out is recorded (or, in the case of many youth baseball games, until it is too dark to see the ball!). (more)

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