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Tim Twellman
Tim Twellman

All athletes, all levels will have to adjust to life after their playing careers are over. This is a very difficult time in most players' lives, and it can happen most unexpectedly.

This is exactly what happened to all three of my kids as well as myself.

My daughter Alexandra broke her nose, which was so dramatic she decided not to play and hasn't played ever since her senior year in college. She is currently working, and has adjusted very well to life after sports.

My son James tore both ACLs in a matter of 12 months, which ended his professional playing career. He is also currently working and doing well. A devastating year for James, but he has poured his energy into working and is very successful.

My son Taylor had to retire from professional soccer after 10 years due to concussion issues.  After a very successful career he has moved on to ESPN, working with his ThinkTaylorFoundation,  as well as running several training programs in the Boston area. I am very fortunate to be able to assist with these training programs. Every year he runs two Taylor Twellman Goalscoring programs in partnership with the New England Revolution. The next training is scheduled for the end of July.  Plus we offer a Taylor Twellman Youth Soccer Training in conjunction with the Newton Youth Soccer Association at the end of August for boys and girls.. This is perfect timing prior to the start of the fall soccer season. 

Athletics prepares individuals in many ways. A successful athlete has to work hard and prepare properly. Athletics instills not only these qualities but qualities that make these once dedicated, successful athletes dedicated and responsible working adults. 

Moving on from athletics can be a positive and should be a positive. It is an exciting time with so much to look forward to.