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Tim Twellman
Tim Twellman

As a 16,17 year old I never really paid much attention to the future. The future was always the next weekend, the next party, this weeks test and this week’s game.  It was hard just to manage this small window of time. Looking back at this way of thinking it really is not a bad way of thinking. All of us need to live more in the moment to really experience what is right in front of us. We have great friends, we have great parents, we are provided with great teachers. We are meeting new opportunities each and every day just by being present. Being present in every moment is actually being truly alive.

As a high school student this is so hard to realize. As a much older person this is still very hard to master this way of thinking but it is worth working at daily.

Why I am writing about some out-there way of thinking. It is something I wish I was more aware of as high school student. If I would have been in the moment, actually hearing friends, hearing parents, hearing teachers, I would have been more responsible with all the gifts that were provided to me and for me.

This is not about me...this all about YOU.

I am writing this for you, the high school student, the parent, the friend, the teacher of a high school student. The choices you make today, as a high school student, will be your future. The advise you receive today, from a parent, a teacher, a friend could affect your future as well.

Being in the moment is not about instant gratification. It is about fully enjoying the moment and fully understanding the moment right in front of you. Comprehending what is put in front of you and using this information wisely is important because it will affect you and your future.

Almost 100% of high school students have some experience with the college search process during their high school years. The college search process needs to be fully comprehended. It brings into play so many players. All of which are there to provide information, support and much needed advise.

What you, as high school students need to realize is that this college choice is your responsibility. You need to make this decision as if you are an adult because this choice has your adult future written all over it.

The college search process provides so many choices, so many options, so many questions, so many decisions.

Here are a just a few that will need to be considered: 

Do I want to go to college?

Do I want to explore the junior college scene?

Do I want to go away to school?

If so, how far?

What size school do I want to go to?

Does this school offer my major, my field of study?

Will I be accepted?

Do they have the fraternity or sorority of choice?

Are my academics in order?

Do they have dorms?

Can I play my sport if I am an athlete?

Do my test scores meet their standards?

What is my Real Family Contribution (RFC)?

Can I see my "Live From The End"?

There are so many schools that will match what your and your families needs. The RFC is, what I consider, a concept you need "be in the moment for,” you need to understand. This financial concept helps you think differently about the REAL COST of attending college. It helps you think differently about your choices.

Your RFC ignores the concept of borrowing and shows you how much you ACTUALLY OWE. Whether you pay for college with your own money or borrow it to pay it off tomorrow, YOU OWE IT.

Total 4 Year Cost – Total 4 Year Scholarship = Your REAL Family Contribution 

This simple formula helps you understand the magnitude of receiving a scholarship at each college and encourages you to think differently about the REAL COST of a college education.

What is your "Live From The End"? What do you see for your future? ?Use your imagination, envision what your future could be on graduation day. We believe that if you can See your future responsibility, you will understand the magnitude of this decision and make a more educated choice.

We believe in this moment right now. Understand your choices and take responsibly, for it is your future.

Tim Twellman   Co-Founder