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The Unmarked Detour: A Family's Journey Through Post-Concussion Syndrome

Detour signs pointing in different directions

MomsTeam provides a number of "case studies" from parents that we hope will provide some ideas for parents and other caregivers of children sufffering from concussions. Please feel free to add your story to our website by contacting our editors. 

In this article is just one stay at home mom’s extraordinary story about her daughter’s fourteen-month long trip along an unmarked detour after she suffered a serious concussion playing hockey, travelling along a rocky road to recovery, one which would require three medical leaves of absences from school, and treatment by more than 10 different medical specialists, both unfamiliar and still largely unmapped. 


PART ONE: The Journey Begins

PART TWO: Three Critical, Early Mistakes Prove Costly

PART THREE: Recovery Begins At Home

PART FOUR: Concussion Recovery Helped By Treatments Old and New

PART FIVE: Another Mistake, A Dead End At School, and Post-Concussion Syndrome

PART SIX:  A Trip To Boston And Bumps On The Way To Summer Vacation

PART SEVEN: Summer Vacation Brings Continued Progress

PART EIGHT: Concussion Puzzle Completed, New Normal Achieved

PART NINE: Final Thoughts and Biggest Regrets

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