High School Coaches of the Year: A Flawed Selection Process?

As it has for the past thirty years, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Coaches Association yesterday announced its 2011 National Coaches of the Year, honoring high school coaches in the top 10 girls and boys sports by participation numbers, along with one coach in another high school sport.

According to the NFHS, the awards are presented to individuals who have gone above and beyond and who exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character, and who carry the endorsement of his or her respective state high school association.

The 20 high school coaches recognized by the National Federation of State High School Association Coach's Association are no doubt great coaches deserving of the awards, but perhaps it is time for the NFHS to put in place a process for identifying the coaches on the other end of the spectrum, not by surveying other coaches, but by asking all the other stakeholders - players, athletic trainers, and parents - who see them every day what they think. 

NFHS 2011 National Coaches of the Year

Twenty high school coaches from across the country have been selected 2011 National Coaches of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Coaches Association.

A Team In A Slump (Part III): Unlikely Player Sparks Attitude Adjustment

Praise from a youth baseball coach for a player whose uncharacteristic hitting performances had been wasted during a long losing streak prompts a change in the team's attitude that brings the slump to an end.

A Team in A Slump (Part II): The Birth of a Baseball Koan

When a team, whatever the sport, is in a slump, it may leave the coach scratching his or her head, looking for answers.  For one longtime baseball coach and author, the surprising answer may be to take a Zen Buddhist approach.

Giving Thanks For Coaches And Heroes

The news about what some coaches at Penn State allegedly did - and didn't do - has been disturbing.  But, in the spirit of the season, one football mom chooses to give thanks for a coach who truly is a hero.

A Team in A Slump (Part I): The Psychological Pain of Under-Performing

At some point during a season, a team, regardless of the sport or level of play, will under-perform. But as much psychological pain and even physical discomfort as the slump may inflict on a coach, remaining positive is a coach's only choice.

Why Loyalty Is Bad For Youth Sports And Society

Everybody uses the word loyalty and some seem to embrace the phrase as if it had some parallel to ethics and I believe the word should be given some reconsideration by all. After being involved with many different youth athletic programs for the past several years, I have had the opportunity to observe youth leagues that are on opposite poles of the economic and social spectrum. I have coached in the wealthiest of suburban youth leagues and I've coached in inner city leagues that were in the most plighted areas where driving to and from practices made me very nervous.

Evaluating Coaches: Ask Athletes, Watch Practices

Wheelock College athletic director Diana Cutaia says it is important in evaluating coaches to seek input from student-athletes (because they don't measure success solely in terms of wins and losses), and to watch them run practices, where good coaches are always teaching, motivating, and keeping kids moving.

Coaching Girls: Just Let Them Talk!

Social interaction is particularly important for girls, so Wheelock College Director of Athletics and Sports-Based Initiatives, Diana Cutaia, advises coaches of girls who say all they want to do is talk to do just that.

The Violence In Youth Sports Continues

I just saw this video and I provided the link below for all to see. This video and the actions of one football team make me ill to my stomach. I just don't have any words for it right now but will follow up on it at a later time. Please view the article and the video and give your comments on it. We as a society have to do something to prevent this type of stuff from happening.

They must be prosecuted

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