Child Development

Successful Development Of the Young Athlete: Guidelines for Parents

An interesting and useful way of thinking about the development of the young athlete has been proposed by Jon Hellstedt. Because it is impossible to look at the development of the young athlete without also taking into account the changes experienced by the parents and siblings, Hellstedt looks at the development of the young athlete as an issue for the entire family.

Five Ways To Model Good Sportsmanship For Your Child

It seems that everyone is
ready to blame "out-of-control parents" for all the ills of youth
sports. We are the crazy ones screaming on the sidelines, abusing the
kids, yelling at the officials, and displaying poor sportsmanship.
What's a parent to do?
One piece of advice that is
handed out regularly to parents is to "set a good example" for our
children. Here are five things sports psychologist Shane Murphy says you can do
that will really show your children (and other parents) what being "a
good sport" is really all about.

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