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Sports Administration

6 Ways To Improve Safety Of Sports Officials

In the wake of the tragic death of Ricardo Portillo in Utah, a longtime high school sports administrator suggests at least six ways to make sports safer for game officials.

US Soccer's High School Ban: A Question of Integrity?

US Soccer's new rule banning players on its Development Academy teams from playing high school soccer is designed to strengthen our national teams, but, says one veteran interscholastic sports administrator, the move raises questions about the integrity of the sport's national governing body.

Religious Head-Wear in Sports: Is Permanent Rules Exemption The Answer?

While it is clear that officials and coaches could resolve religious head-wear media dustups by taking care of the issue early in a sports season, it is equally true that the sports governing bodies could take that burden off of them.  There are certain items that are worn with sufficient frequency to merit a permanent exemption.  Hijabs and yarmulkes both fall in that category. 

Can School Sports Survive the Bad Economy?

When an elite private school like California's Montclair Prep drops athletics, you know the economy is bad.  Is the athletic program at your child's school next to fall to the budget ax?

Home-Schooled Students: Should They Be Able to Play School Sports?

Indiana is moving towards passage of a bill that would bring home-schooled students one step closer to gaining interscholastic athletic eligibility.  If the bill is enacted into law, Indiana would be the twenty-second state to allow home school students to play for a high school sports team.  MomsTeam contributor Don Collins says opponents and proponents both make good arguments. 

Preparticipation Physical Exam Forms – Is Your School Administration Auditing The Athletic Department?

Does everybody on a school sport's team really have a properly executed preparticipation evaluation form on file?  Can you really be sure?  The only way to really know is to have your school's administration periodically audit the athletic department.
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