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Officiating Report Card- July 4, 2011

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SEP games 7&8 took place June 30th.  I have been mulling over my performance and that of the crew for days, trying to sort through my feelings. My goal at the outset was to merit an "A" performance by game 5-- and sustain that through games 9&10.   Before June 30, I was at an A, but after last week, I took a step backwards and I don't feel really good about it.  Why the set back?    I was the more experienced person on the crew.  I knew that from the time I got the assignment that this was a chance to step up and take care of little details that influence crew performance. I knew what to do and I knew what to expect from the players and coaches and yet, I still fell short.  Why?    I missed a clock error-- AGAIN.  No one on the crew caught it, and the evaluators tore us up.  At 1:48 left in the second half, I called a throw-in plane violation on the defense and went to the table to report it as a warning. The clock should  have STOPPED, but I did not glance at the clock and it kept on ticking.    

 I have concluded that officiating is numbers game and I need to be an accountant of sorts.  When a foul is called, the official must take note of the  offense and defensive players' numbers;  the time on the clock, how many minutes left in the game-- and if the clock stopped, or not;  the number of fouls for each team and if in bonus, how many free throws will be administered.  We note the score, and if it is a close game or blow out.  Every evaluator documents an event tagged to a specific time in the game. "Barbara, at 4:32 on the clock, you called a player control foul.. you were at lead, do you remember?"    Barbara, that last foul you called put the blue team shooting one and  one!  Barbara, blue has 2 fouls; white has 8!  Barbara, make sure you signal at the one minute mark!  Barbara did you signal a three pointer? Numbers.

Aside from the clock error,  I was fine. Missed a tricky back court violation, and still needed to work on my rotation at lead.  If not for the clock issue,  I would have felt better.

I have two games left.  I must be at the top of my game for both to finish my 10 game schedule on a high note-- a high A, preferably.