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William P. Meehan, III, MD

Reporting Concussion Signs and Symptoms: Be Honest, Be Smart

Concussion expert Dr. William P. Meehan, III says an athlete's failure to report concussions signs or symptoms can delay recovery, result in catastrophic injury in rare cases, and long-term problems.

Retiring From Sports After Concussion: No Magic Number

Medicine has not yet figured out how many concussions is too many.  The number that leads to permanent deficits in memory, concentration, and other cognitive processes, and/or increases the risk of dementia and other problems later in life, is different for each athlete.

Difference Between Concussion Sign and Symptom Explained

The difference between a concussion sign and a concussion symptom is that a sign of concussion is one that can be noticed, seen or observed while a symptom is something only the athlete feels or experiences.

Can Omega-3 Help Concussion Recovery?

Omega-3 fatty acids may help memory recovery after concussion suggests a 2011 study in rats.  Given their other health benefits, it is "hard to see the harm" of consuming a fish oil supplement after head injury, says Dr. William P. Meehan, III.

After Concussion: Physical and Mental Rest Keys to Recovery

After a sports concussion physical and mental (e.g. cognitive) rest are keys to recovery, says Dr. William P. Meehan, which means no video games, homework, or other activities that tax the brain and force it to work extra hard.

Factors in Return To Play Decision After Concussion

When it is safe for a youth or high school athlete to return to play contact or collision sports after symptoms of concussion clear depends on many factors, says Dr. William Meehan, including the athlete's age, baseline test data, time symptoms take to clear and severity, and concussion history.

Athletes with Concussion History At Increased Risk of Future Injury

Athletes who have sustained a concussion are at increased risk for sustaining another compared to athletes without a concussion history. Although experts offer several possible explanations, the precise reasons are unknown.
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