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Five Snow Day Activities For Parents and Kids

Snow days can provide a surprisingly productive opportunity to build upon your child's social, emotional learning and resilience skills. Here are five ways parents can use snow days to help build their child's resilience.

Staying Physically Fit During School Year: A Challenge For Many Parents

With the school year beginning, a concern of many parents of youth athletes is how to keep their family healthy, physically and mentally.  You don't have to sacrifice your own mental and physical fitness to maintain the rigorous schedules that school and extracurricular activities demand. Here's how.

Social Media: What A Student-Athlete Posts Online Matters, More Than You May Think

Social media is woven into the fabric and culture of American life, but one ill-advised "Tweet" or Facebook status update could result in a student-athlete's suspension from school or team or even the loss of a college athletic scholarship.  Here's what parents can do to help their child protect their online reputation.

How To Keep Goggles From Fogging? The Answer May Surprise You

Looking for a way to keep your kids' sports goggles from fogging? While there are lots of anti-fogging products on the market, says optometrist Noah Shriber, the best one may already be in your shower.
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