Someone Is Always Watching

This At Home……….

Without asking for specifics, as your child to think about a time when they did something that they regretted doing in public.  Have them imagine how much worse it would have been, if it were broadcast for the whole world to see.  If he wants to share the details that’s fine, but respect his privacy. Ask him how his actions affected him and how he thinks they may have affected others. (Family, friends, coach, etc.)

Losing Is A Good Lesson For Kids To Learn

Try This At Home

The next time your child loses, use the opportunity to help him or her learn from the situation. Have your child draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the top of one side write Good and on the top of the other side write Improve.

First, on the Good side, write down all of the things he or she did well. Then, on the Improve side, write down all the things he or she could have done better. Look at the list of things to work on and come up with ways to practice or fix them for the next time. Remind your child that everyone wants to win, but we don’t learn nearly as much when we do; losing is an opportunity to raise his or her game to the next level.

We all want our children to be winners and to protect them from life’s
cruel realities, but unfortunately, losing is a fact of life and we do
them an injustice by insulating them from it. The next time your child loses, use the opportunity to help him or her learn from the situation.

Justified Behavior, Unsportsmanlike Behavior or Assault: You Decide

Below is a link to a videotaped recent incident of a coach pushing an 11-year-old out of a handshake line after a youth football game. It is obvious that the coach was very aggressive toward the youth; however, it does not show anything that might have caused such an inappropriate response. Take a look:

Coach Shoves 11-year-old player: link 1


Coach Shoves 11-year-old player: link 2

Teaching Life Lessons Through Sports

Two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella, writes about her new children's book, Shawn Sheep Soccer Star, the second in her Barnsville Sports Squad Series, designed to encourage kids to get involved and have fun in sports, to help them make healthy lifestyle choices and give them the tools they need to be successful, not only in sports, but in every aspect of their lives.

Five Ways To Model Good Sportsmanship For Your Child

There are five things you can do as a parent to show your children (and other parents) what being "a good sport" is really all about, says sports psychologist, Shane Murphy.

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