Quitting Time

Burnout In Youth Athletes: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

While geared to sports medicine professionals, a new position statement from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine provides helpful guidance to sports parents on the causes, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of burnout in youth athletes.

Saying Goodbye To Baseball

Her son's decision to retire from baseball at the ripe old age of eleven to focus on football was tough to take, says one mom, but eventually shock and denial gave way to acceptance.

Is It Okay To Let A Child Quit in the Middle of the Season?

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and three time Olympian,  offers advice to parents on how to deal with a child who wants to quit sports.

Early Sport Specialization Can Lead to Burnout

An athlete who specializes early or plays on an ultra-competitive select team is at increased risk of burnout or withdrawal from sport as a result of chronic stress or burnout.

Quitting Sports: A Difficult Decision

Many times a child, especially when one in middle or high school, will only tell a parent of their decision to quit a sports team after they have made it, which is unfortunate because sometimes just the right parental advice might help to sort out the issues and lead to a different decision.

Coping Strategies for Families When a Child's Sports Careeer Ends

Sports psychologist Dr. Casey Cooper talks about ways families are affected when a young athlete suffers a career-ending injury and offers coping strategies.

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