Parent's Role

Talking To A Coach: Taking the Stress Out

If the world were a perfect place, talking to a youth sports coach would be as natural and stress free as talking to your child's teacher. Unfortunately, there is not much that worries and confuses some parents more. Here's advice on how to take the stress out of the experience.

Modeling Appropriate Behavior While Driving: Advice for Moms

Surveys show that moms tend to be aggressive drivers, especially when driving SUVs. Children are always learning and imbibing from their social environment. There is never time out when you're not influencing your kids by what your do and say while you are driving your kids - and other parent's kids - to and from sports practices and games.

Sometimes a Game Is Just That: A Game

My daughter and her friends are typical 7th graders. When they find a new activity they like, they dive in head first leaving all other activities behind in the splash. Doesn't matter if they also are involved with trumpet, violin, piano, biking, rock climbing, drama, cooking, ballet, fencing, or any other activity. Doesn't matter that they have homework and the need for some free time and family time. To this age group, a new activity is like falling in love - it becomes their be all, end all.

Even Bad Coaches Can Teach Your Child Life Lessons

Child psychologist Shari Kuchenbecker, Ph.D. talks about how parents can use poor coaches as negative role models to teach their child important life lessons.

The Role of Parents In Youth Sports

Sports psychologist Shari Kuchenbecker, Ph.D., talks about the important role of parents in helping their children learn life lessons through sports.

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