New Rules for High School Basketball Promoting Good Sportsmanship Approved for 2010-2011

Among the high school basketball rule changes recently approved for the 2010-11 season by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)  are those promoting good sportsmanship.

Packing for Sports Camp: Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Prepared

Making sure you pack everything your child will need sports camp this summer can be a challenge.  Luckily, there are some tried-and-true items that you can send to camp with your children to ensure they are prepared for almost anything.   In addition to packing all the sports equipment your child will need, here's a head-to-toe summer camp packing list.

How Can We Make Club Volleyball Better For All Young Athletes?

I’m going to assume that club volleyball teams want to live up to their published mission statements.  Generally speaking, they’re pretty lofty in terms of expressed goals, which tend to be focused on the development of young girls' characters through sportsmanship and team building and, along the way, the girl picks up enhanced volleyball skills from knowledgeable and respected coaches who have years of experience to share.

Athletic Values, Leadership Skills Need to Be Taught in Youth Sports

The vast majority of children who play youth sports don't end up in the pros. So what is the real purpose of amateur sports? Most parents will say for children to learn athletic values and leadership skills.  But exactly how does that happen? As a culture, we expect student-athletes will become leaders by merely participating in sports. But these values need to be taught.

Youth Sports Safety Tips for Parents

March is National Athletic Training Month.  In recognition of the important role sports parents, coaches and athletic all play in preventing injuries, the NATA's theme this year is Sports Safety is a Team Effort.  Teaming up with the North American Booster Club Association, the NATA has prepared an online Sports Safety Checklist offering important information for parents who want to keep their kids as safe as possible.

Goal Setting Tips for Children: Parent's Role

Occasionally you'll hear someone say that they aren't a goal-oriented person, or that they don't really know how to set goals. Most likely, they actually set goals every day: Every time they make a "To Do" list for themselves or their "honey" or leave the house expecting to arrive at their destination at a particular time, they are goal-setting without even realizing it.  Two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella, says it's never too early for children to set goals and that parents can play an important role in the goal-setting process.

Someone Is Always Watching

This At Home……….

Without asking for specifics, as your child to think about a time when they did something that they regretted doing in public.  Have them imagine how much worse it would have been, if it were broadcast for the whole world to see.  If he wants to share the details that’s fine, but respect his privacy. Ask him how his actions affected him and how he thinks they may have affected others. (Family, friends, coach, etc.)

Hypercompetitive Youth Sports: Explained by Gender Differences?

Today's hypercompetitive, highly structured world of youth sports may be explained by evolutionary biology and hormones.

Sports Parents: Your Support Makes All the Difference

Some day your child's athletic career will end.  When it does, rather than remembering the great plays they made, the games won, or the moments of excellence, they will hopefully remember that you were there to support them every step of the way.
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